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Where it all began

The Hutsadin Elephant foundation was  founded by three local businessmen with the aim to rescue elephants abandoned by their owners due to ill health, old age or simply because they are unable to work any longer. The foundation is a non-profit organisation and any funds received directly benefit the elephants.


All paid staff are locally employed Thai's, therefore providing  employment for approximately 15 people. Of these one is employed for each working elephant who is called a mahout, he is responsible for it’s welfare, care and wellbeing. The mahouts also guide their elephant when walking with tourists. The rest of the staff are responsible for the day to day running of the foundation.

FRIENDS OF THE HUTSADIN ELEPHANT FOUNDATION are a  small band of unpaid volunteers who help to look after the elephants and help to administer medication under the suppervision of a professional Veterinarian and ensure their general health is maintained to a high standard. 

Additionally volunteers and sponsors also do behind the scenes work such as fundraising, creating brochures, posting to Facebook and managing Tripadvisor and this website.

Anyone wishing to volunteer can do so by contacting the foundation.



The aim of the Hutsadin Elephant Foundation is to care for our elephants and give them every opportunity to live a life that is full and pain free. In order to achieve this we depend on donations from companies and the general public.We also provide the opportunity to wash, walk and feed the elephants for a small fee. We are located in the forest just outside Hua Hin which provides the perfect habitat for the elephants and as we continue to develop we aim to provide the perfect living environment. Why not come and have a great day at the Hutsadin Elephant Foundation. There are opportunities to meet the mahouts and even offer your time as either a short or long time volunteer.


The Hutsadin Elephant Foundation is dedicated to providing care and support for all it's Elephants who suffer from ill health or those that have retired.


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