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The Hutsadin Elephant Foundation are always looking out for Elephants in need of help. We aim to provide a safe envirloment where rest and TLC are freely available. On this page we aim to highlight any new member of our family here at the Foundation. You will also be able to see profiles of the rest of our family on a seperate page.

NEUNG LAN has finally arrived....

The foundation are pleased to announce the arrival of Neung Lan who arrived in June of 2015. A little bit about her:

Age: 55-60 years of age

Health Issues: include the loss of sight in her right eye

(this is an irreparable condition), She is considerably

underweight despite having a large appetite.

We are currently feeding her a high protein supplement

diet to help her gain 450 Kilos.


She is still settling in and getting used to her new environment,

elephant friends and people.


She is responding well with her new Mahout but is not so trusting of others. Hopefully this will change with lots of encouragement from staff and lots of TLC. 

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